We haven't updated in a long time...

2013-06-01 17:51:07 by Autumn-Collapse

So, we were all high schoolers playing together as a band. Today, all of us are going to our own respective schools so we haven't played together in a while.

The two original members who started the band, Zach and Mikey, are long time friends and still keep in contact. They actually are pretty active on YouTube, making back and forth vlogs to talk about their lives. You can check that out here: www.youtube.com/lidlurch

However, they are all working on their own music and will hopefully continue to work on music. Ross, 2nd guitarist, is reaching is senior year in high school and Dan, drummer, is up to unknown activities as of right now...

Hope you enjoyed our music! Check us out on Facebook to keep a closer eye on our activities.


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