Another Update

2013-09-22 15:18:58 by Autumn-Collapse

Hello everybody,

Yet again we haven't really updated in a long time. All of our profiles (Bandcamp, Reverbnation, and Facebook) have been fully updated and all of the downloads and songs should be available. Zach is getting ready to go on his two-year mission, so Mikey will be running solo and contributing as much as he can (while attending school), so keep an eye out if you like our music!

Also, check out our newest song, We Remain Dormant In Fear of Seclusion. Here is the link to it:

Take care, folks!


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2013-09-23 12:15:51

Hmm, is it a song if there are no lyrics? Sounds great though!


2013-12-04 20:40:25

I hope you'll post update here more often then on Facebook i can't seem to remember how Facebook even works anymore. . . saying this make me feel way older.