Winter Break is Coming!

2013-12-15 04:27:10 by Autumn-Collapse

Hello again everyone,

Winter break is coming up for Mikey, so he will have a bunch of time on his hands to work on some more music! Zach is away on his mission, so he will not be active again for about two years. Sad day :( But be on the look out for some more music from us! If you haven't taken a listen yet, we have uploaded our latest song, World Without Color, to newgrounds. Take care, -AC


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2013-12-22 19:25:18

Yeah more musics ! ! !
I don't suppose you guys could attempt a vocal song once ?

Autumn-Collapse responds:

We've thought about it. But we're terrible singers. Plus Zach is a Mormon and he's away on his two year mission, so it's just me working along right now (Mike). Erm. I'll let you know if I decide to try something with vocals. I'm not sure if I am ready to be made fun of yet though. Hah!