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Good stuff.

Sorry it took so long to get back to ya. Obviously, we don't really get on newgrounds much... ever since school started, we haven't even had time to sit down and practice music, much less make it and record it.

I like the way this song flows and the bizarre synth that layers in the back of it.

-Love the piano sound.
-Absolutely admire how all of the layers fit together.
-Great quality.

-Not really any cons per se, but here's maybe a suggestion/personal opinion- The song is all one volume and all of the layers get equal loudness/attention. If you want more of an eerie, creepy feel for the song, you may want to try playing around with the volume a bit. Make some parts of the song quieter, others louder, etc. And specifically, you might play around with the balance. Some of the synths might sound creepier if you make them a bit less so that they float in the background eerily. Just a suggestion.

Overall, great job. I enjoy listening to your stuff :)
-Autumn Collapse

Hey dude!

Sorry we didn't get around to listening to this until now. Been a little busy lately..

Anyways, I liked the initial theme and melody, it's pretty catch and it's definitely something you'd hear on Adventure Time. However, at around :15, the second synth came in. I don't know what you were intending for it, but since it sounds more like a background/support kinda thing, it seems a little bit too loud for my tastes.

Loved the bass. That was fantastic. My only other question is if you meant for the beats to remain consistent the entire song. Everything else was great, but the beats got a bit repetitive for me.

Keep up the work man!
-Autumn Collapse

kazmaru31 responds:

yea i wanted the same rhythm/beat. i was just having fun with it. i wanted the second synth to keep a background sound but make it also a forground sound to mix with the other synth, thats what i was going for.

Great song

Your voice is great, matches the song perfectly, and it's a raw song with lots of emotion. Thought it was awesome man!

The only thing I'd say to work on is maybe to fix the tuning of the guitar- you can really hear some of the notes out of tune at the beginning. Also, I know that you maybe didn't record this with the best recording gear in the world, but it seems like we get more strum than notes whenever the guitar is playing.

Keep up the work!
-Autumn Collapse

BrandonHicks15 responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah I messed up at the beginning but its all good.

Thx for the score!

This is a pretty song.

So many people try so hard to make their music so complicated and it loses the feel that some songs just naturally have. This song is really simple, and that's part of what makes it sound so beautiful.

Though, I have two complaints.
-Starting at around :42 or so, you start picking some of the other notes on guitar and it came to my attention that some of the notes are slightly out of tune. If you can fix the tuning, then this mid-section of the song would sound fantastic.

-The song's too short. I found myself wanting more at the end.

Great stuff, man.
-Autumn Collapse

BiviZ responds:

So much words, thank you. This track came out of my fingers in the improvisation. I just sat down and began to record what I play. I was in music. But yeah I had to tune my guitar >_<

I like this!

You have some great ideas going in this song, I think the ending has to be my personal favorite. However, like the guy below me said, some of the rhythms are just a slight bit out of time, so you might want to look into aligning your notes along with a beat or something in the MIDI clip instead of playing them manually yourself.

And also, since the lowest synth is playing throughout practically the entire song, maybe you could have it change a little bit at times, seems to get a little bit repetitive. Other than that, great job!

Good stuff,
-Autumn Collapse

kazmaru31 responds:

ok will remeber that. thanx

Pretty good!

I like the song, the synths are relaxing and the beat is kinda catchy. Like the guy below me said though, the transitions could use some work, especially the one at :13 seconds. It sounds like it just cuts off there and the next part is slow to start. That's the only actual part that full-on bothered me.

The rest of the song was pretty good though. I like the theme and how it was put together :D

-Autumn Collapse

kazmaru31 responds:

thanks! i dont know what happened at that part it sounded ok when i was revieing it over mmm i'll look in to it.

This sounds incredible!

The amount of texture and melody in the song just fills my ears and makes me want to listen to it over and over. The differences between the synths make them all stand apart from each other, and yet they fit together so well. Thought that the overall buildup of the song was also awesome. Song reminds me of some scene in an epic cartoon/anime or so.

Great stuff, I'm downloading this!
-Autumn Collapse

T-Free responds:

I'm glad you liked it, more is definitely going to come! Thanks for leaving a review :D


Oh, how scary!

Pretty awesome song, and I like the concept behind it. Putting in your voice as dialogue was also creative. Don't see much of that in most music. Good stuff!

Although, the voice seemed like it was recorded with the volume up too high, so it clips and crackles at some parts. Did you mean for it to do that? Cus I also think that the voice is also a bit too loud, drowns out the music whenever I heard you speaking.

Good stuff, dude!
-Autumn Collapse

XXMisterFiyahXX responds:

Thanks for your input! I was intending for this track to have a bit of distortion. It may have been a little too loud for some, but too loud isn't in my dictionary, if you catch my drift. =D


Gotta love garage band.

I liked the way you used some of the loops and clips and fit them together. That edgy synth always makes a song sound good. Maybe after a little while it starts to get a bit obnoxious though, so maybe the synth can be toned down just a bit. Of course, that's just my taste, so feel free to ignore me!

Keep up your music dude! We started out on garage band too, but we play actual instruments now. Come check out our music!
-Autumn Collapse

kazmaru31 responds:

domo dude! i play keyboard and what i make on there i try to put into garageband. it helps to have some criticism.

The guitar's got a nice chugging sound.

Well, I liked the experimentation with your 7 strings and the polyrhythms. It kept the song very interesting! However, I feel like it might lack a bit of a melody at parts and it seems like all it is is heavy chugging throughout the entire song. Maybe experiment around with combining all the stuff you have as well as melody?

Awesome doodle at 2:39.

Keep up the work!
-Autumn Collapse. (check out some of our stuff, we're a slightly lighter rock)

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