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Good stuff.

Sorry it took so long to get back to ya. Obviously, we don't really get on newgrounds much... ever since school started, we haven't even had time to sit down and practice music, much less make it and record it.

I like the way this song flows and the bizarre synth that layers in the back of it.

-Love the piano sound.
-Absolutely admire how all of the layers fit together.
-Great quality.

-Not really any cons per se, but here's maybe a suggestion/personal opinion- The song is all one volume and all of the layers get equal loudness/attention. If you want more of an eerie, creepy feel for the song, you may want to try playing around with the volume a bit. Make some parts of the song quieter, others louder, etc. And specifically, you might play around with the balance. Some of the synths might sound creepier if you make them a bit less so that they float in the background eerily. Just a suggestion.

Overall, great job. I enjoy listening to your stuff :)
-Autumn Collapse

Hey dude!

Sorry we didn't get around to listening to this until now. Been a little busy lately..

Anyways, I liked the initial theme and melody, it's pretty catch and it's definitely something you'd hear on Adventure Time. However, at around :15, the second synth came in. I don't know what you were intending for it, but since it sounds more like a background/support kinda thing, it seems a little bit too loud for my tastes.

Loved the bass. That was fantastic. My only other question is if you meant for the beats to remain consistent the entire song. Everything else was great, but the beats got a bit repetitive for me.

Keep up the work man!
-Autumn Collapse

kazmaru31 responds:

yea i wanted the same rhythm/beat. i was just having fun with it. i wanted the second synth to keep a background sound but make it also a forground sound to mix with the other synth, thats what i was going for.

Great song

Your voice is great, matches the song perfectly, and it's a raw song with lots of emotion. Thought it was awesome man!

The only thing I'd say to work on is maybe to fix the tuning of the guitar- you can really hear some of the notes out of tune at the beginning. Also, I know that you maybe didn't record this with the best recording gear in the world, but it seems like we get more strum than notes whenever the guitar is playing.

Keep up the work!
-Autumn Collapse

BrandonHicks15 responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah I messed up at the beginning but its all good.

Thx for the score!

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